About Us

So the Journey begins....

      Angelica and I decided to open Asado a  few years ago when we moved from Los Angeles to Pleasant Grove and  quickly realized that Utah needed an injection of Flavors  particularly South American cuisine.   Once we had our business plan in  order and applied for loans we had to quickly work on our menu.  That Wasn't  too difficult as we cook at home the same foods we serve at Asado.   Angelica has developed all of our desserts and of course our own  chimichurri sauce.  Born in Mexico she has the gift of the kitchen and  being a daughter of a Family of Bakers she learned early on the  sacrifice that is involved in waking up at 5 am and start preparing for  the public.

The love for food is something you  are borne with.  In South America food is the center of all that is.   You wake up thinking about what you are going to eat and while you are  eating your thinking what you will prepare next.  Born in Uruguay and  Mother from Argentina i learned at an early age from my Grandmother the  love that goes into preparing food.  My Father told me, if you ever open  a restaurant your guests will enjoy it because you will serve the way  you want to eat; and now that I'm serving i realized he was right, the  food has to be fresh, colorful and delicious. We pride ourselves in the  freshest products and the simplest seasoning.  An immigrant at the age  of 12 my first job was washing dishes and now that I'm 52 you will still  find me in the kitchen washing dishes from time to time.  Keeping it  real is important to us and teaching our 2 daughters Mariana and Sophia  the meaning and love you must show up with everyday is of utmost  importance to us.

We are humbled to be able to serve you  and your Families and only ask you that you let us know if something  isn't exactly the way it should be.  Please give us the opportunity to  make it right as we would hate for anyone to leave our place hungry or  dissatisfied.  Please don't leave ASADO without letting us know how we  could improve as we are interested in learning everyday.  

We  thank you for your friendship and patronage and our plan is to grow so  lets grow together.  While at Asado please take pictures and share with  friends.